Injury update and how Epilepsy helped my mindset.

Last time i wrote a post i was sitting in my hotel room thinking about the new season and the seizure i had in pre season. i decided to share that all and explain how i recovered. 24 hours after writing that post i was involved in a freak accident 30 minutes into the game and was forced off with a very painful injury. A player fell on my knee and hyper extended which forced me to leave the game early. A few days later after MRI Scan i find out it’s a grade 3 tear to my MCL. This is a major setback once again for me but mentally with having seizures i’m used to setbacks. 8 weeks on and being in a brace i feel having epilepsy has allowed me to mentally deal with a major injury like this, and put me in good stead for my return. i’ve stepped up my rehab and building the muscles around the knee and aiming to come back stronger. I try to look at everything in a positive light, 1st week of the injury i must admit i did lose my head and was a little bit down! but with the support network in the club and away from the club i was able to concentrate on working hard on my rehab and mentally prepare for the hard work i have to put in. it’s now been 8 weeks and the Knee specialist finally said i can take off the brace and now i am ready for the next phase of rehab, which will be running and movement of the knee and muscle building. i can’t wait to step back on the grass and train with the team once again. being stuck in the gym on your own and watching the lads on a saturday when you want to be out there is a mental challenge, one in which i think i passed with flying colours.

i write this blog post to try and put a positive light on my condition and see that without it then maybe the handling of this setback could’ve been different but i take away my experiences from the past with my epilepsy and no if i can get through years of seizures then a Grade 3 MCL tear is nothing. I will continue my rehabilitation and hopefully get to rock out in front of the Vale Fans soon.

Gym Life

Published by Leonlegge

Hi, i am a professional football player who plays in the Professional football league in league2. I have a condition that many people in the U.K. and the world find hard to understand and don’t know too much about and that is Epilepsy, i am writing this blog to tell you about my career and how i have dealt with this condition and the hurdles i have taken in order to get where i am today.

2 thoughts on “Injury update and how Epilepsy helped my mindset.

  1. Your mindset is definitely stronger due to epilepsy, living with the unknown and the ability to bounce back time after time makes you more resilient x

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